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Founded/formed officially in 2011 after many years of fostering cats and kittens, the founders of Feline Ink organized as a response to a hoarding situation where 41 cats were facing capture and euthanasia. With the assistance of Pima Animal Care Center, these cats joined 22 cats already in our foster care home. Our small facility incorporated and received 501(c)(3) , IRS non-profit status in April 2012.

The work of Feline Ink has been molded by the diverse circumstances our cats have experienced. Today, we focus on long-term care for our senior cats, short-term care while cat owners are temporily unable to care for their pets, and adoptions by appointment where we try to obtain the best possible match between a cat and an owner.

Our cage free cat sanctuary is located in mid-town Tucson, AZ and we can house up to 100 cats, from kittens and healthy adult cats to those with special needs–missing eyes or limbs and chronic respiratory illnesses. In order to keep our budget as low as possible, we are a 100 percent volunteer community service. We are funded through donations and very small fees for some services.



  • To work with cats/kittens who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned by providing shelter, protection and care in a free-roaming indoor/outdoor environment.
  • To reduce the homeless cat population through promoting the adoption of adult cats, and participating in trap, neuter, release programs.
  •  To facilitate pet retention by owners.
  •  To provide educational services related to responsible pet ownership.


Board Members



Barbara Crummitt – President

Louise Chernetz   – Vice President

Suzanne Worsham  – Treasurer

Miriam Vercillo  – Secretary

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